Nano X-Plus Technology Three Stages Counter Top Mineral Water Purifier
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Green-Tak Smart & Portable Air Purifier
Green-Tak Air Purifier
Green-Tak Micro Bubble Ozone Generator Washing System


About Us

"Green-Tak" is devoted in providing a green, smart, healthy life for you and your family.

Our products range from water filter, water dispenser, water treatment parts, water purifier & air purifier for home, office, shops, restaurants and factories and so no.
We are aim to purify the water & air for your daily life.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if any further question.
OEM & ODM is welcome !


New Products

10Counter Top Compact Water Purifier
USD 230.00-230.00 207.00-207.00
10Nano X-plus Water Purifying Water Purifier
USD 70.00-70.00 63.00-63.00
10Wasserreiniger water purifier
USD 70.00-70.00 63.00-63.00
10Under Counter Nano Mineral Water Purifier
USD 70.00-70.00 63.00-63.00

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