10 Seconds Antibacterial Ozone Generator Washing System for Kitchen

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antibacterial ozone generator washing system


  • Type:Ozone Water Purifier
  • Use:Faucet-Mounted
  • Certification:CE

Key Features

10 Seconds Antibacterial Ozone Generator Washing System for home, kitchen, washing


Ozone is a natural substance that sanitizeswithout leaving chemicals behind.
The 10 Second Machine's easy on design will inject a steady stream of ozoneinto your tap water the second you turn on your faucet. Simply turn off yourfaucet to turn off the ozone stream.



  • No filters to replace.
  • Small and easy to carry.
  • Meets international power specifications (100V~250V).
  • Low power usage (4.5 max)
  • Water and electricity are kept separated.

* Remove Pesticides
  Ozone can destroythe chemical breakdown of pesticides to remove

pesticidesfrom the fruits and vegetables you eat.

  • SGS Certified.
    Faucet tap water alone will not remove pesticides. Simply rinse your food in ozonized water to remove pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables. Cleans hard to wash fruits such as strawberries and grapes.

* Kill Bacteria
  Ozonesuccessfully kills bacteria on food and surfaces.

Disinfectand sanitize your food, home, restaurant and business.

  • Bodycote Certified.
    Wash your meats, hands, dishes, baby bottles and toys with ozonized water. Mop the floor and wash clothing with ozone to kill bacteria. Bring your family a healthy life style.

* Remove Odors
  Ozone breaks downand destroys odors.

  • Ozone can be used to clean your pets and remove odors and bugs on your pets. Brush teeth, wash face and shower with ozonized water. Installs easily on your shower.


* Keep Food Fresher

·       Extends the life of fruits, vegetables,meat and flowers by 2-3 times. 




InputVoltage: DC 12V

OzoneOutput: 100mg/hr (Max.)

PowerConsumption: 4.5 Watt (Max.)

Weight: 376g +/- 10%

Dimension:189 (H) x 125 (W) x 46 (D) mm


[ Applications]:

10Second Machine For Children

Children often throw their toys or dolls on the ground,so toys are susceptible to contamination of various bacteria, viruses, andbecome a threat to baby’s health.

It is not a big deal that children give their toys a kissor a hug, sometimes even a bite. But more often they simply fall asleep withtheir toys, which may easily lead to bacterial / viral infection.

Most people boil water to sterilize baby's toys. However,this may cause the chemicals to dissolve into the toys, which has harmfuleffects on affect babys health.

10Second Machine For Babies

Baby bottles play an important role to infants. Theycan't live without them.

The bottle is something that will have direct contactbetween the mouth and the baby, mothers should pay extra attention to the hygieneof the bottle. But, how to sterilize bottles in a safe and secure way?

It is great for rinsing baby's bottles, toys, dishes,silverwareetc.

10Second Machine For Men

People may just want to keep a distance from you if youmeet one of the following problems: bad breath, body odor, foot odor, cavity,dental diseasesetc.

It's recommended have an oral examination every sixmonths. In addition to brushing your teeth, do not forget to clean your tongue.Epithelial cells mixed with saliva and food residue accumulate on the tongueand cause bad breath. So, remember to gently brush the tongue with atoothbrush.


10 Second Machine-For Seniors

With ageing becoming a worldwide phenomenon, thedenture-wearing population increases daily. Therefore, denture cleaning andmaintenance draws more and more attention. According to some clinical studies,many people do not clean and maintain their dentures properly, causing thedentures to accumulate dirt and even lead to bad breath, cavities or dentaldiseases.


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