Green-Tak Antioxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer

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Key Features

Green-Tak Antioxidant Alkaline Water Ionizer

Whyshould we drink alkaline ionized water?

We know the differences:

    1. Small molecular cells, easyfor body to absorb.

    2. Alkaline water, balance bodyPH.

    3. Negative ORP, eliminate freeradicals, anti-oxidant!!


Advantages of drinking alkalineionized water:

  • Provides body lots of oxygen, more energetic
  • Removes accumulated acid wastes and toxins from the body (detoxification), immune system is enhanced.
  • Retards the aging process with its negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).
  • eliminate free radicals in your body; antioxidant
  • Cooking with alkaline ionized water can improve nutrient absorption and taste.
  • Ionized calcium and minerals are more easily absorbed by the body.
  • Helps relieve seasonal allergies.

Alkaline Ionized Water:

  • PH 8.0~9.5          Daily drinking water PH range, can supply more electrolytes, ionized calcium and minerals than other water.
  • PH 10                  Making tea, coffee or cooking, can provide smooth taste and more nutrition.
  • PH 10.5               Washing vegetables and fruit, can resolve pesticide and organics, chemicals, can bring fresh and healthy food.

Acidic IonizedWater:

  • PH 5.5                 Daily face washing, can help face skincare and cleaning.
  • PH 3.0                 Foot immersion, can prevent from some foot skin disease.
  • PH 2.7                 Washing sea food, can sterilize bacteria and reduce bad smell.





Electrode Material

Titanium Platinum sinter electrodes

PH Level


ORP Value



Max. 160 watt


7pcs Platinum Plate

Electrode Plate Size

 total 1296 cm2



Unit Size

W 23 x D 14 x H 33 cm 


Payment Details

  • Minimum Order:1
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